The Acessa Procedure

The new option in fibroid symptom relief

The fibroid procedure backed by science, studies, and real women. We’re changing the standard of care for uterine fibroids.

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What are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that grow in or on the uterus. They are surprisingly common. Typically women find out they have fibroids during a physical exam or ultrasound ordered by their doctor.

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What are Common Symptoms?

  • Periods that last longer than a week
  • Heavy periods causing bleeding through clothes
  • Pain and pressure in your pelvis, legs or lower back
  • Unexplained exhaustion (may be anemia)
  • Having to go to the bathroom a little too often



What is the Acessa Procedure?

The medical term for the Acessa procedure is Laparoscopic Radiofrequency Ablation (Lap-RFA). It was designed to treat fibroids, and only fibroids.

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What is the Treatment Process?

It works by delivering heat (radiofrequency) directly into a fibroid to destroy the proteins of the fibroid tissue. The consistency of the fibroid changes from being hard like a baseball to soft like a marshmallow. Treating the fibroid vs. removing the fibroid helps avoid damaging healthy tissue. Fibroids do not have to be removed to achieve relief.

Procedure Steps:

  1. Prep – You are prepped and brought into the operating room for anesthesia.
  2. Access – Your physician makes three small incisions.
  3. Visualize – Each fibroid is precisely located with the Acessa ultrasound probe and guidance mapping technology, allowing a full view of your uterus.
  4. Deploy – The tip of the Acessa handpiece is deployed into the fibroid, while preserving healthy uterine tissue.
  5. Treat – Controlled heat is deployed to each fibroid to destroy the tissue, and is repeated until every targeted fibroid is fully treated. Ta da!
  6. Recover – Most patients get cleared to go home the same day.



What are the Results & Benefits?

  • Relief – After treatment the fibroid continues to shrink over time, other symptoms like heavy, long periods and looking pregnant when you’re not can take 3+ months to improve.
  • Scientifically Proven – Many patients see the most relief within 3 months, and continuing improvement out to 12 months and beyond. The Acessa procedure has been objectively measured with clinical data, proving efficacy, published in over 49 peer-reviewed publications and performed on over 4000 women.
  • Uterine sparing – only treats the fibroids
  • Minimally invasive – 3 small incisions
  • Quick recovery – return to work in 4-5 days


photo of Dr. Garza

Dr. Henry Garza


Does Acessa make sense for me?

It depends on your fibroids and your body. Acessa is uterine sparing and can treat nearly all locations of fibroids, with a quicker recovery compared to other treatment options. For many, it’s a great option. The key is to know your options and, together with a physician, determine if the Acessa procedure is right for you.

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